Growing fennel: tips and tricks for a bountiful harvest

By Hervé , on July 27, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 5 minutes to read

Why are my fennel plants growing?

As is often the case with leafy vegetables, even a very temporary lack of water can cause fennel to bloom to provide offspring. Periods of high heat will also cause plants to burst, even if they are watered.

How to pull up fennel?

Tuberous dill can be harvested from July to October, 3 months after sowing, and in the South until March. Depending on the need, but always before frost, the bulbs should be removed with a spade when they reach a width of 8-10 cm.

How to grow fennel?

Fennel grows well in the sun or in a place that is not too shady and should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist. However, do not overwater to prevent the roots from becoming moldy. It is not necessary to fertilize the soil during the growing season.

When to butter the fennel?

As soon as the base of the fennel becomes rounded, 10 to 15 days before harvesting, peel it and brush it with butter to cover what is improperly called the "onion".

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Is fennel a perennial plant?

Fennel is a biennial plant that behaves like a perennial when planted in well-drained soil in the sun. It can withstand temperatures down to -18°C and can be grown anywhere in France. This fennel does not produce a bulb.

How to cut fennel in the garden?

Fennel should not be pruned. As the plants grow, hoe well around them to prevent weeds from invading.

Where to plant fennel?

Planting Fennel Fennel likes light, rich and relatively cool soil. Sun and warmth are essential for fennel. Fennel also likes light, cool, moist soil, but never soggy soil.

Does fennel suffer from frost?

Native to the Mediterranean basin, fennel needs sunshine and fears frost and damp cold. In addition to the fleshy stalks, the leaves and seeds are also appreciated ... It is advisable to rake the plant at the beginning of the harvest, because this makes the bulbs formed by the base of the stalks even more tender.

When to sow Florence fennel?

It is a plant of the Apiaceae family which can be sown from April in the greenhouse or directly in the ground from May to July. Dill prefers rich, calcareous soil with a sunny exposure.

When to sow fennel with the moon of 2021?

Sow in the open ground in March-April in individual cups; in the open ground from May to July (sow in clusters 20 cm apart). In May and June, when the moon is waning, plant in pots when 4 true leaves appear.

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Which vegetables to plant next to each other?

Some associations are recommended because the presence of a vegetable repels the parasites of another by its smell: carrots and garlic or onions to repel the carrot fly, leek and carrots to repel the leek bug, cabbage and tomato to repel the cabbage bug.

When to sow fennel with the moon?

In March-April, sow the seeds in rows 50 cm apart. Cover with a 1 cm layer of soil. Water with a light rain.

Choosing the right variety is a key factor in successfully growing fennel. There are several types, such as bulbous or herbaceous fennel, each with its own particular characteristics. It's important to take into account your culinary needs as well as local climatic conditions before opting for a specific variety. For example, if you live in a region with a mild climate, Florence fennel will be a good choice, as it can be sown as early as February-March. On the other hand, if you live in a colder area, opt for frost-resistant varieties such as Montebianco or Perfection fennel.

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