How to sow and use brown mustard effectively as a green manure in your garden

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Brown mustard (Brassica juncea)

When to sow brown mustard?

Sow in the open ground from March to April and from mid-July to mid-August. Sow 3 seeds in pots 1 cm deep, 30 cm apart. Thin out at the 3 or 4 leaf stage, keeping only one plant per pot.

When to sow Chinese mustard?

Sowing and planting Chinese mustard is propagated by sowing in the open ground between August and September. A sunny exposure is essential, as well as a rich, fresh and well-drained soil.

When to sow yellow mustard?

Sow in August and September to cover the soil for the winter. Mustard tolerates light frosts and will cover the soil until spring.

How are mustard seeds obtained?

Harvest the seeds Just before the pods are really ripe and brown, cut the stems and continue to dry them upside down. Once dry, whisk them over a dish from which small round seeds will fall.

When to sow phacelia?

From April to October, prepare the soil by scarifying it. Phacelia sown in the fall provides soil cover throughout the winter. It reduces the spread of weeds. By spring, the soil is fertile, loose and ready for a variety of crops.

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Where can I buy phacelia seeds?

Buy phacelia seeds at Koeman Garden Centre! We offer quality gardening products, seeds, plants and bulbs. Order phacelia seeds online.

Where to plant phacelia?

Easy to grow, Phacelia tanacetifolia is one of the most profitable plants in the garden. This green manure with fertilizing properties adapts to all soils, provided they are loosened and not too dry.

How to use Phacelie?

It is cut when the flowers begin to fade, before the seeds are formed. The roots must remain in the soil and they are also very rich. Phacelia can be used as a mulch for the next crop or incorporated into the soil after a few days of drying out.

When to sow mustard as a green manure?

Mustard can be sown from March to May and from August to September. Sowing should be done on all types of fresh, flat, scratched soil (2 g per m²).

Which green manure for de-cluttering?

Here are some examples of organic green manures: For soil decompaction: phacelia, rye, flax. For nitrogen fixation: beans, vetch, alfalfa, white and red clover, fenugreek, sweet clover, sainfoin, birdsfoot trefoil. For soil disinfection against nematodes: phacelia, mustard.

When to plant mustard?

Regarding seed production, the Larousse Agricole (2002) reports that white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) flowers 40-60 days after sowing and matures in 90-120 days.

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What green manure to use in September?

Fall green manure

  • If you want to sow in early spring, choose a fast-growing green manure: usually mustard. It is imperative that you sow before September 15.
  • Otherwise, sow a frost-resistant green manure: for example, winter vetch + rye.

How to use mustard as a green manure?

Mustard as a green manure is a very interesting complement to improve the quality of the soil. You can let it bloom until the end of October. Then you can mow it all down with a lawn mower. Let it decompose on the ground for a good week.

What does a mustard flower look like?

White mustard (or mustard seed, or sansewieria): annual herbaceous plant, 50 to 90 cm high, with well-branched stems. ... The pennatifid leaves are very deeply divided, except at the top of the stems, with more or less rounded lobes. The flowers are yellow-petaled, sometimes ivory-colored.

When should green manure be shredded?

The best time to mow is just before flowering, when the flowers are in bud. This is when the plant is most concentrated in nutrients, especially nitrogen, and will break down in the soil more quickly than if mowed later.

Brown mustard is an easy to grow plant that has many benefits for your garden. It can be used as a green manure, which means it helps enrich the soil and reduce weeds. In addition to being beneficial to the soil, it is also useful for attracting pollinators and repelling pests. In this article, we'll show you how to effectively plant and use brown mustard in your garden.

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