Ruta (Ruta graveolens)

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Ruta (Ruta graveolens)

Where to find the ore plant?

Potted plant, Rue des jardins or rue fétide - Ruta graveolens is delivered by in all France (free delivery from 99,99 € of purchase).

How to use ruta?

Its leaves are used to repel insects, either directly or by burning them (incense), or in the form of purines (against aphids, for example). Rue is reputed to slow down the growth of basil, sage and crucifers (cabbage).

What is Figel?

Ruta Graveolens herb (Figel) Over the years, rue has been used to promote menstruation. It is also used as a digestive tonic and appetite stimulant. The plant is edible and often used in salads.

Watercress (Lepidium sativum)
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How to recognise a rue officinale?

Shrub from 60 to 90 cm high, green to shiny (blue), fleshy, semi-evergreen, alternate, three-lobed leaves, flowers in yellow to green-black clusters, small, the whole plant gives off a strong perfume, loved by some, hated by others.

How to take care of a citronella plant?

Lemongrass should be watered once a week in dry weather. Lemongrass needs a lot of water to grow properly. If the soil is well prepared, there is no need to apply fertilizer. If the plant is planted in a container, liquid fertilizer can be added to the spring watering.

When should Anthemis be cut?

Anthemis frutescens plants should be pruned in March to give them a compact habit. In the case of perennials, cut the plants back to 10 cm.

Where to plant street furniture?

Ideal soil and exposure for Garden Rue Rue fétide can be grown in full sun or partial shade in rather dry, stony, poor soil. If the soil is clayey, add pebbles when planting.

Where can I find the Fetide Street plant?

Its strong street smell makes it an insect repellent plant... and, it seems, all sorts of animals such as aphids, cats and snakes! Whether at the foot of rose bushes or at the edge of a vegetable garden, it finds its place. However, don't put it near the basil, as this will stunt its growth.

Which plant keeps cats away?

Coleus canina, sometimes called the "anti-cat plant," has a strong and very distinctive skunk-like odor that is known to scare away small four-legged creatures. It resembles mint and has beautiful spikes of lavender blue flowers in summer and pale green leaves.

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