Scented verbena (Aloysia citrodora): properties, uses and advice

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What are the benefits of fragrant verbena?

Vervain is effective in relieving digestive disorders such as gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach, ulcers or hiatal hernia. For digestive cramps or abdominal pain: sweet vervain is the most indicated.

When to drink vervain?

A handful of vervain (about 20 grams) is enough to perfume a litre of boiling water. Boil the water at 90°C and let the leaves infuse for 10 minutes. Drink preferably in the evening to avoid nosebleeds during the day.

When to drink lemon verbena?

The leaves can be dried and used to make infusions. The drink can be consumed hot or cold. Here are some known benefits of this plant: For muscles: lemon verbena can be used as a supplement during exercise.

Which plant should be associated with verbena?

What are the best plant combinations for vervain?

  • The yellow lantana, with its orange blossom fragrance, goes perfectly with verbena.
  • Ageratum can be combined with verbena to bring a touch of pastel colour to the bed.
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What combination with mint?

Mint is not very greedy. Planted in the ground or in a pot, it needs good, well-drained garden soil. Place it in the sun and allow plenty of space as it takes up a lot of room. Place mint next to other herbs such as thyme, rosemary or sage.

How to combine with melon?

The melon does not tolerate the proximity of plants of the same family. It should not be planted with other cucurbits (squash, cucumbers, etc.). It grows well next to cabbage, beans or sweet corn, and its leaves can even be used as a natural mulch.

How to combine with garlic?

Garlic generally keeps insects away. It mixes well with carrots, beets, strawberries and tomatoes. Never plant garlic near cabbage, beans and peas.

When to harvest sugar vervain?

Verbena is harvested from May to late summer. Pick them as needed, which also has the advantage that repeated pruning causes the bush to branch out.

When to harvest thyme?

Thyme can be harvested all year round to enhance culinary dishes. But it is in June, when it blooms and its leaves give off the most fragrance, that it should be harvested to keep it all year long.

How to dry lemon verbena leaves?

After cutting the lemon verbena stems, place them on a paper towel in a box. Let the leaves dry outside, away from moisture and not in direct sunlight. You can use a windowsill for this purpose. After a day or two, the leaves will become brittle.

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How to keep the green colour of the vervain tincture?

Wash and dry the fresh verbena leaves, then place them in a bottle of alcohol. Leave to macerate for two months, preferably in a cool, dry place, away from light.

How do I get vervain to start growing again?

How to prune? Cut off dead branches and the main shoot at about 30 cm from the ground. As the plant grows, remove the ends of the stems so that the plant can branch out as much as possible. It is best to remove the shoots regularly so that they can be used.

When and how to prune verbena?

In March, it can be pruned briefly by cutting all the shoots in half. The plant will branch out and quickly become cohesive. If it has been very cold, it can be pruned to 30 cm from the ground. The old wood will break through and new shoots will grow very quickly.

How to use fresh verbena?

In a cup, pour a tablespoon of dried or fresh vervain leaves into boiling water, knowing that vervain leaves are best when fresh because they retain a large amount of essential oil. Leave to infuse for about ten minutes. A strain.

How do I know the vervain is dead?

If they are all brown and soft, they are rotten and the plant is dead. If there are a few hard white roots, there is hope! Remove all the dead roots, as well as the dry leaves and branches.

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Fragrant verbena is an aromatic plant with numerous therapeutic virtues. In particular, it helps relieve digestive disorders, anxiety and respiratory problems. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system, making it an invaluable ally in promoting sleep. To make the most of this plant's health benefits, we recommend drinking it regularly as an infusion, or using its essential oil in a diffuser.

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