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By Hervé , on July 29, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 6 minutes to read

How do I cancel my mobile phone insurance with La Banque Postale?

All you have to do is send a cancellation letter to La Banque Postale by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt. Your insurance is terminated with one month's notice. If you withdraw from a transfer company, the new insurance can cover the transfer process for you.

How do I cancel a Banque Postale P&C insurance policy?

The cancellation of the home insurance policy must be notified by registered letter with proof of identity to La Banque Postale less than 3 months after the loss. The notice period is one month from receipt of the registered letter.

Where can I send a letter of cancellation of my Post Bank insurance?

You do not have to give any reason for cancelling your La Banque Postale insurance. The letter of cancellation must be sent to La Banque Postale by registered letter with proof of identity

Where to send a letter of cancellation to La Banque Postale?

You can also send it to: La Banque Postale Service Résistance 115, rue de Sèvres 75006 Paris.

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How to insure your electronic devices ?

This coverage takes the form of a standard insurance policy and covers risky situations. Some policies cover all electronic equipment, and other equipment is just like covering mobile phones, and sometimes even devices such as a charger or batteries.

How to calculate the obsolescence of a computer?

Today, such a laptop is worth €600. In your contract, it is stated that the balance of the ageing is -10% of the annual value of the ageing. The indemnity paid will then be 600 x (100% - 40%) = €360.

How to insure a laptop?

In France, there are three guarantees that can help you protect yourself.

  • 1 - Laptop Insurance. The so-called one-way insurance is specific to the computer. ...
  • 2 - Mobile device insurance. ...
  • 3 - Home insurance.

How to insure your tablet?

You can purchase product insurance, such as your tablet-only insurance, or multi-product insurance also known as "mobile device insurance" offered by most insurance companies in the market.

What are the nomadic products?

Smartphone, MP3 player, mobile phone, digital tablet, camera, these important things in our daily lives are called "nomadic products". Mobile phones, by definition, are often lost, broken or stolen.

What food nomadism?

the food supply increases as we are a little bit to eat at home. What are the effects of this diet on health and weight? Whether at school or at work, we often eat out, walk around, stroll around... We talk about nomadic eating.

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How to get a refund for a phone that has fallen into the water?

My phone has run out of water: how do I get my money back?

  • The reason must be the consequences of someone else's interference;
  • The tablet or computer does not work at all;
  • The claim is specified within the time limit specified in the insurance contract;

How to report a mobile phone claim?

But in general, you must declare the loss by registered letter within 5 working days or within 48 hours following the theft and the subsequent case, file a complaint at the police station and contact your customer service to prevent the use of the device...

How do I get my phone insurance to work?

In case of breakdown, theft or hacking of electronic devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop ...), you must declare the loss to the insurance for a limited time and according to the terms of your contract (phone, poster, poster).

How to make a claim?

The declaration can be made, depending on the case, by telephone or by going directly to the insurance agency. Note: Some insurance companies also allow you to file online. Check the feasibility of their website.

What is accidental breakage?

Accidental damage is sudden and unpredictable damage to the device that affects the operation of your phone. Therefore, small cracks in the back will not be considered. The fracture must be visible and must be from an external source to the phone, not an internal defect.

Whether you own a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, it's essential to take out insurance tailored to your needs. These devices are often exposed to everyday risks such as accidental breakage, theft or water damage. In this article, we explain how to cancel your insurance contract with La Banque Postale and how best to insure your electronic equipment. We also give you all the keys you need to report a claim with complete peace of mind, and obtain rapid reimbursement or repair of your equipment. Finally, we take a look at the different nomadic products on the market, and explain how to calculate the obsolescence of a computer so that you can be compensated at the right price in the event of damage.

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