Mobile chargers and external batteries: how to choose?

By Hervé , on July 29, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 6 minutes to read

Which mAh to choose?

I advise you to take my 5000 model to have a good margin, or even my 10000 if you are going to take a bit of charge. You can know the voltage of the battery by simple division if the manufacturer indicates its quantity of energy in Wh (voltage = quantity of energy / capacity).

How much battery power for a smartphone?

The higher the number, the greater the autonomy. We recommend at least a 3500 mAh battery or even 4000 mAh if you use your smartphone often and don't want to recharge it every day.

How to choose the right auxiliary battery?

You must select the auxiliary battery according to the engine battery (main battery): the difference in capacity between the two batteries must not exceed 20 %. For example, for a 100Ah/H main battery, the auxiliary battery has a capacity between 80 and 120Ah/H.

What is the best brand of external battery?

External battery Storage USB
Samsung eb-u1200csegww Top quality products 10,000 mah 1
Samsung USB / USB-C Best Reviews 10000mAh 2
A Addtop b02p Best sellers 268000mAh 4
Essentialb Travel Best value for money 20000mAh 1
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What is the mAh on a battery?

The battery capacity is indicated in mAh (milliamps/hour). ... If you insert the battery into a device that draws 100 milliamps of direct current, the device will run for approximately 20 hours.

How to read mAh ?

If A is capitalized and stands for Mili-Amps per hour. I measure the power of the battery, so the autonomy it can give to your smartphone.

How to calculate the battery capacity?

E = U (volts) x capacity (Ixh), e.g. for a 12 volt 60 Amps x hours battery: 12 volts x 60 Ah = 720 volts x (Amps x hours) = 720 (volts x amps) x hours = 720 watts x hours = 720 p.

How to calculate the autonomy of a battery?

To calculate the autonomy of your battery in kilometers, you just have to multiply the autonomy of a few hours by the speed of km/h knowing that we use an average speed of 25 km on an electric bike. If we continue with our example, we will have 3,21 * 25 Kmh = 80,64 Km of theoretical autonomy.

Which external charger for smartphone?

Which external battery is the best? Comparison 2021

  • Charm 26800mAh.
  • Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro.
  • Hiluckey T11W.
  • Anker PowerCore 5000mAh.
  • Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition 13400mAh.

How to choose a phone charger?

Here is a simple rule: you must choose a charger that does not exceed 5 V. More voltage will burn your battery little by little. Speaking of amps, the smartphone's built-in charger is made to receive the current supplied by 1A (or even 1000 mAh).

What is an external battery?

An external battery or backup battery is an additional battery that allows you to charge your smartphone, touch tablet, or other accessories that can be charged via USB such as cameras, Nintendo DS, PSP, Mp3...

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Which external charger for iPhone?

Which external battery for iPhone to choose?

  • The top 3 external battery ratios of the iPhone. ...
  • RAVPower 22000mAh: the most powerful external battery ...
  • POWERADD 12000mAh : best quality/price ratio for the moment. ...
  • Anker PowerCore 5000: a cheap but reliable mini external battery.
  • Depending on the model.

What is a nomadic charger?

Nomadic chargers, also known as back-up batteries, external batteries or power banks are small devices - because they are so easy to carry - designed to charge devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

How to charge mobile battery?

To charge your portable battery, use the micro USB cable supplied with the battery. You can then recharge it via the USB port of a computer or at an electrical outlet using a USB adapter (recommended charging method).

How does a mobile battery work?

All external batteries (or portable chargers) have a charging cable to charge the battery separately. This is usually a USB to micro-USB cable. Use it to connect the battery to the USB port of the AC charger (via the micro-USB port of the battery).

When looking to buy an external battery, it's important to consider its capacity. This is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hours) and corresponds to the amount of energy the battery can store. For everyday use with a standard smartphone, a capacity of between 5000mAh and 10000mAh should suffice. If you need greater autonomy, or if you use several devices simultaneously, opt for a capacity greater than 10000mAh. Bear in mind, too, that the higher the capacity, the longer it will take to charge the battery.

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