How to easily turn off your portable nightlight?

By Hervé , on July 29, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 6 minutes to read

How to turn off your light ?

Hello, in the settings, "Personal" tab, "Xcover button", adjust: - Short press = lights - Long press = camera and smart to briefly press the blue button to turn off the lights.

How to turn off the flashlight?

In Android 5 and later, double-tap the notification button. Tap the Flashlight icon to start the flashlight. The brightness of your smartphone glows. Click the icon again to stop.

How to turn off the light without getting up?

Slow switch

  • Support holds everything together.
  • The receiver slides inside the holder, so when it is fully charged, you flip the switch and turn off the lights.

Which switch for LED lamp?

As the guided bulb uses less energy, the energy starts to glow and even goes out. The solution to the problem is to install a switch that cuts the part and is polarized at the same time. We recommend the Legrand Bipolar switch to avoid this problem.

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How to know if your LED bulb is dimmable?

On individual LED headlights, the term "low" is displayed: either in the product name or in the character. For the lighting, you get different information on the technical pages depending on the type of protocol used (Dali, Interact, 1-10V, etc.)

How to connect an LED lamp?

As for the installation itself, it doesn't change any LED bulbs, you need to remove the cord around your bulb and place it in front of the light, close the hook, and cut your new H1 bulb from the back.

Which lamp switch?

Bipolar switch: safety First of all, the bipolar switch offers more protection than the lambda electrical switch. By acting on two wired conductors, this switch ensures that the lamp (or appliance) being controlled is switched off.

When I turn on one lamp the other one goes out?

When you remove the lamp, one of them goes out because the same one goes through it one after the other. Both lamps glow brightly because each connector is connected to two battery terminals. When one loosens the lamp and the other remains the lamp, their circuits are independent. One way is by distraction.

How can a lamp light itself?

In simple terms, these lights are caused by a nearby sensor and they can also react to electrical currents, hence the instability you describe.

How to recognize a branch circuit?

A neighborhood is said to be in transit if all dipoles (or successive dipoles) are connected in transit. The branch circuit may be different from the circuit because it always has at least two loops.

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How does the motor work if the lamp is burnt out?

If one lamp is on (if not disconnected), the other is off because the circuit is open. If one lamp is on (or split), the other still works because its size is closed. When one lamp is shorted, it goes out but the other is brighter. If one lamp has a short circuit, both lights go out.

How do I turn a lamp on and off?

It has a switch. When the switch is off, the bulb turns on. When the switch is on, the bulb goes off.

How do I turn on a lamp with a push button?

On the push button, you press the on or off button and the button automatically returns to its original position. In fact, the push button is only used to send a signal. At this point, it is possible to feel a small "stab" in the electric field, it is the switch that touches.

How to light a lamp on Scratch?

The easiest way to do this is to configure our system as soon as we press the green flag on the display screen. So we select the "If - black flag - pressed" block in the "Events" section.

How do I turn on a lamp remotely?

The answer is simple: just go through the socket of the connected bulb. This integrated socket will fit any bulb with an E27 base connection.

When two lamps are connected on the same circuit in series, turning on one lamp will cause the other to go out because they share the same power source. However, if the lamps are connected in series to different circuits, each lamp has its own power supply and can be switched on independently. It is important to know how the electrical circuit works before installing or replacing a lamp to avoid this kind of problem.

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