Ideal toys and treats for puppies

By Hervé , on July 29, 2021 , updated on April 20, 2023 - 2 minutes to read
Puppy what toy to choose?

What toy to buy for a puppy?

What toys are suitable for dogs?

  • Balloons, balls and frisbees.
  • Floating toys.
  • Plush toys.
  • Chew toys.
  • Interactive cameras.
  • Educational toys.
  • Toy distributor.

What is the best treat for my puppy?

At what age can you give a puppy a treat?

  • Beef strips.
  • Cod bites.
  • White chicken fillet.
  • Mini-biscuits.

Which dog reward?

What rewards can you give your dog?

  • The verbal reward. This reward is certainly the most used on a daily basis because it allows a rather spontaneous interaction with the animal. ...
  • The reward of the game...
  • The reward is caressing. ...
  • The reward of the treatment. ...
  • The reward of getting.

Which dog biscuit?

Depending on his preferences, you can give him a carrot biscuit, a liver biscuit or a tuna biscuit. For his health, you can also find grain-free dog biscuits in pet stores, charcoal dog biscuits, and even gluten-free dog biscuits.

When to give dog treats?

You can start giving your puppy treats as early as 8 weeks of age. It's important to choose treats based on the size of the puppy and how it will be used.

When it comes to choosing toys and treats for your puppy, it's important to take certain criteria into account. First of all, make sure the toy is suitable for your pet's size and age. Also, avoid objects that can be easily shredded or swallowed. When it comes to treats, opt for those that are high in protein and low in fat. And don't forget to moderate your pet's consumption to avoid excessive weight gain.

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