How to plant your spices and herbs?

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When to plant spice?

When to plant thyme and rosemary?

Sowing, transplanting and propagation: Sow from March to June and September. It destroys the soil: cultivate manure for its next year. Maintenance: Hoe and send messages regularly. Water when the weather is very dry.

Which soil for thyme and rosemary?

If you are growing in a pot, use a mixture of grass clippings or add loose sand to well-drained soil. You can also tie them to the side of the sandy pit.

Which plant to associate with thyme?

Thyme is a good plant for cabbage (to scare off the buds), strawberries and roses.

When to plant thyme in the ground?

Thyme can be planted locally, in the border or in the forest, from April to June. Make sure the soil is well drained, barely cover the seeds with soil. Its height reaches 5 or 8cm, forming a young forest in September-October, preferably 8cm wide.

How to transplant a thyme plant?

Dig a large hole in the exposed area, add some potting soil or compost, place the thyme plant, the root ball you soak if necessary. Plug up the planting hole, limit sowing. A little water for a small area.

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How to plant a thyme plant in the ground?

Growing in the ground

  • Dig a hole for the size of the plants, be very rich in modern fertilizers (thyme grows even in poor soil).
  • Place a seedling in the planting holes.
  • Cover with soil and gently press down.
  • Water for the first time.

When to transplant the spices?

For full soil, start the rhizomes in February-March and plant them in the garden in mid-May. If watered regularly, the plant will produce a large number of rhizomes in the fall. It will be enough to retain a portion of them, which you will continue to dry to reactivate the cycle of the following year.

Which spices grow in France?

Spices from France

  • Basil. 6,50 €
  • Wild number. 9,45 €.
  • Estragon. € 4.60
  • Good lavender. 6,50 €
  • Peppermint. 6,50 €
  • Oregano. € 5.50
  • Béarn smoked pepper and laurel wood F4. 11,70 €.
  • Pepper of Béarn F4. 10,50

Where to plant the spices?

Summer scent Sow mint in a moist, well-ventilated spot or in a pot. Mint likes sunny conditions, but will thrive quickly in dry soil. Lemongrass plants planted in the shade will be green and the leaves will taste good.

When to plant herbs in a window box?

When to plant spices? If it can be easily cultivated indoors all year round, in general, it is preferable to plant your leaves outdoors in April, at the beginning of spring, this is particularly true for basil, tarragon or dill.

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How to compose an aromatic planter?

Prepare your plant with scented plants Make sure the plant has a drainage hole to avoid the risk of damaging the roots. Reinforce this drain with a bed of broom, gravel or pozzolan (photo). Fill in with the soil mixture purchased for the growers.

Which aromatic plants to plant in a small window box?

Parsley, chives and sorrel (our example) go together. This would also be the case for basil. Thyme, a plant that dries out, goes best with rosemary or bay leaves. Other possible common denominators are oregano, chervil and marjoram.

Thyme and rosemary are perennial plants that prefer dry, well-drained soil. We recommend planting them in spring or autumn, when the soil is still warm but temperatures are not too high. For both these plants, we recommend a well-drained potting soil with a high proportion of sand or gravel. Thyme goes very well with grilled vegetables or in a tomato sauce, while rosemary is a perfect accompaniment to roasted or grilled meats.

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