Which picture for a Scandinavian living room?

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What color wall Scandinavian living room?

The basic colours The Nordic style is characterised by very light and preferably neutral colours: white, beige, grey - they should have a great influence in the room, for example on the walls, floor or furniture. Light colours help to enlarge the room and introduce light.

Which paint color for an industrial decor?

The base is black or dark grey, but hunger can also have an effect. For a beautiful industrial decoration, these are colors that should be chosen and used completely without hesitation. These colors are to be combined with berries; cream, linen, light gray.

What color for a Scandinavian bedroom?

What colours to paint in a Scandinavian bedroom? The Scandinavian style prefers a neutral and pastel shade. White, grey, water green, sky blue, pale pink, these shades have the advantage of reflecting the light and bringing a soft atmosphere in the room.

Which wood for Scandinavian decoration?

This results in a predilection for light wood species. Birch, oak, maple, beech, pine or fir are used in furniture and accessories, sometimes combined with glass or stone for a very natural effect. Aesthetically disconnected, made of solemn and functional things.

What is contemporary style?

The contemporary style of decoration is characterized by its spacious, open and bright spaces thanks to the size and multiplication of windows on the wall or roof. The openness of the exterior and the fusion of spaces are extremely important in this style.

How to make a living room cocooning?

The important thing is to favour natural textures, such as solid wood, knitted wool, velvet or even linen. By creating material effects, your living room will gain in warmth and viability. Accumulation allows you to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room.

What is the Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian design is pure, authentic, functional and warm, a major influence for several seasons, wood, wool, fur, white, coloured notes, prints inspired by nature... The Scandinavian style equation is simple: it applies to create the beautiful, the simple and the practical.

How to adopt the Scandinavian style?

Interior design: how and why to adopt the style...

  • Preferred woods and emblems.
  • Optimization of daylight.
  • Pastel colors are best.
  • Create contrast with different lighting fixtures.
  • Use lots of textiles.
  • Choose a comfortable sofa.

Why Scandinavian style?

The colours are sober and chic With the Scandinavian style, you are unlikely to miss it! Most tones are neutral to play the purification card. Light grey or anthracite, white, taupe... These discreet colours create a very pleasant cooking globe!

Which paint for a Scandinavian living room?

The deep blue color goes perfectly with the Scandinavian decoration made of wood and light colors. Thanks to this paint, your furniture will be highlighted and will have another much more chic aspect!

How to create a Scandinavian decoration?

A bright interior idea can be a bet on the dominance of white white, once accessible. In Nordic decoration, this non-color is omnipotent. The background of Scandinavian decor is like a huge landscape covered in snow... White, white, whiter.

Which floor for Scandinavian decoration?

The ideal is to choose a light floor like a parquet with a natural wood look for example. Wide planks and an antique finish such as Leroy Merlin inlaid underneath will give your Scandinavian living room an extra soul.

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