How to choose the perfect painting for your interior decoration

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What kind of picture ?

Opt for a decorative painting on printed or hand painted canvas: Nowadays, a decorative painting can be hand painted with acrylic paint that appeared in the 60's, used by painters like Andy Warhol, David Hockney, a painting it can also be printed on canvas.

How to choose a painting for the bedroom?

Make sure the design you choose matches your furniture and the rest of the decor. In a room with neutral colours, liven things up by looking at brightly coloured paintings. In a room, it is better to choose fabrics with soft tones.

How to position pictures on a wall?

As a general rule, tables should be placed at eye level (about 65 inches from the floor), but this rule may change, depending on the situation. For example, in the bedroom, a small cloth should be placed a few inches above the bedside table, next to the lamp, in a trio arrangement.

How to choose the colour of your frame?

Rule 2: First, choose the colour of the frame according to the colours of the painting. In general, it is better to choose a colour for the frame that is not the dominant colour of the painting... If you are not sure of your choice, prefer a sober and neutral colour.

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Which frame for a painting?

The baguette is the classic formula, which has always been used in framing, but which retains all its elegance with contemporary works of art. By including it in a solid frame or isolating it in a mat, the baguette frame allows the work to be partitioned and extended.

Which frame for a 50×70 poster?

What is the ideal size for a mat if you have a 50x70cm photo? We recommend a mat with an outer edge of 60×80 cm.

What size living room table?

Ruler 3/8 The width measurement is multiplied by 0.37. This will give you the ideal size for the painting that you can hang on the wall. For example, we could put on a 140 inch wide wall a square of 140 x 0.37 = 51.8 inches.

How to give the dimensions of a painting?

The dimensions of a matrix are given from the vertical edge. Thus a 40 F will be mentioned 100 x 81 or 81 x 100 according to which painter chose to paint vertically or horizontally.

Which frame size to choose?

The size of a frame depends directly on the size of the artwork you want to insert, at least for the interior. There is a formula for determining the ideal width of the rod: it should be 10 to 15 % on the shortest side of the picture.

Which picture in my living room?

1) What size table for a living room?

  • The frame should not exceed two thirds of the length of your sofa to create a harmonious whole.
  • Photos should be at least six inches above the edge of your furniture.
  • A small painted picture cannot fill a large space.
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How to choose a good painting?

What size table should I choose?

  • Measure the width of your wall.
  • Multiply this number by 0.57 to get the perfect wall to box ratio.
  • Choose the standard array size closest to this number.

Which picture to put in your home?

Today, you can choose between a living room painting hand painted with acrylic paint or a printed canvas. To complete your wall decoration, it is ideal to opt for both types of painting: either a hand painted with acrylic paint or a printed photograph on canvas.

Lorsque vous choisissez un tableau pour décorer votre salon, il est important de prendre en compte plusieurs critères tels que la taille, les couleurs, le style et l’emplacement idéal du cadre. Pour trouver le bon équilibre entre tous ces éléments, il est conseillé de faire une analyse préalable de la pièce où sera placé le tableau. Par exemple, si vous avez des murs colorés dans votre salon, optez plutôt pour un cadre sobre ou une œuvre d’art aux couleurs neutres afin d’éviter une surcharge visuelle. De même, si vous souhaitez ajouter une touche artistique à votre chambre à coucher, pensez à placer un petit tableau au-dessus de la tête du lit plutôt qu’une grande toile qui risquerait d’écraser l’espace.

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