How to adjust and program a Somfy roller shutter motor?

By Hervé , on January 5, 2023 , updated on April 20, 2023 - 6 minutes to read

Somfy roller shutters are one of the most popular control systems and offer a convenient solution for automatically adjusting the movement of shutters. When properly installed and programmed, somfy roller shutters can operate for many years without any problems. However, there may be times when your somfy roller shutter motor stops working properly and needs to be repaired or adjusted. In this case, it may be necessary to adapt or adjust the motor again to get it working properly again. Fortunately, adjusting a somfy roller shutter motor is relatively easy and should not take much time. In this article, we will explain in detail how to make a quick and easy adjustment of a Somfy motor for your roller shutter.

How do I adjust the Somfy RTS motor?

It is very easy to adjust a Somfy RTS motor. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual that came with the product. The first step is to determine the exact location of the top and bottom points of the awning. Once this is done, you can set the motor via the SOMFY 1 web portal using simple RTS commands, using the buttons or the RTS remote control supplied with the product. This procedure can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the clear and precise instructions provided by the SOMFY RTS1 manual.

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What are the parameters of the Somfy roller shutter motor?

Somfy roller shutter motors are specifically designed to be easily adjusted with a remote control or radio. To adjust the motor, simply adjust the rotary knob on the front of the product; this will allow you to choose between power levels and operating speed. You can also customize the settings to suit your individual needs, changing the dwell time, strength and a variety of other parameters. To enjoy the benefits of Somfy wireless remotes and radios, it's important to set up your motor correctly so that it can communicate with your system.

How to install a Somfy roller shutter motor?

The Somfy Oximo motor is one of the most popular motors for roller shutters. If you have a Somfy Oximo, it is important to set it up correctly. To do this, start by choosing where the motor will be installed and make sure it is at the right height and oriented correctly. Next, connect the motor to the electrical power and wires of the roller shutter. Once connected, it is time to set up the Somfy Oximo motor: set the parameters to define the speed and force of the roller shutter opening and closing. You can also set automatic opening and closing times if necessary. Once everything is set up, test your system to make sure it is working properly.

What are the main features of a Somfy motor for roller shutters?

A Somfy roller shutter motor is a simple and convenient solution for regulating your roller shutters. It is a very intuitive system with several key features: it can be controlled via radio remote control, toggle switch or mobile app; its power can be modulated; and it is equipped with a safety stop and automatic shutdown system. This motor is programmable, which means users can set the roller shutters to open and close at preset times. It also allows homeowners to set the up and down stop functions using their remote controls. The Somfy roller shutter motor offers a simple installation that can be completed in a few steps and provides additional convenience for users.

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How to program a Somfy roller shutter motor?

Programming a Somfy roller shutter motor is easy and can be done with a simple remote control. To begin, make sure the motor is powered and working. Then, simply press the programmed button on the remote and press button 1 on the motor once. Once this step is complete, the motor will be connected to the remote control and can be used to control the shutter.

If you have a Somfy RTS motor, it's important to know how to adjust it for optimum use. There are several simple steps to follow. First, make sure the motor is properly installed and connected to the electrical system. Next, adjust the limit switches according to the roller shutter's dimensions. You can also adjust the speed and force of the shutter movement to suit your preferences. Finally, don't forget to save the settings in the remote control, so you can easily modify them later. With these few tips, you can take full advantage of the benefits offered by your Somfy RTS motor!


Repairing a Somfy roller shutter motor can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and information, it can be performed easily and successfully. It is important to read the manufacturer's manual carefully to correctly identify defective parts and understand how the motor works. Once all defective or damaged parts are identified, you can exchange or repair these components and put your roller shutter back into service. The services of a qualified technician can be invaluable if you encounter additional difficulties.

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